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The company

Who We are

Studio Progettisti Associati was founded in 1989 and it is located in Zola Predosa, province of Bologna. It is considered among the major leading companies in the field of Design of Technological Systems, Works Direction and Testing. We always work with passion and competence both in public and private sectors, both for big and ambitious projects and for significant though smaller ones.

Having a strong experience in the field, Studio Progettisti Associati is an ideal partner able to provide a complete quality service throughout the entire design process.

The multidisciplinary staff, the vast experience gained over the years and the ability to provide innovative solutions in respect of the environment have allowed Studio Progettisti Associati to follow major projects in Italy and abroad, through technical services characterized by the high professionalism and the sector-specific expertise.

Our Studio's


Studio Progettisti Associati aims to provide an evolved engineering support by an integrated and interdisciplinary approach with the help of all the services in compliance to the satisfaction of the customer needs.

We assist clients in the field of Mechanical, Electrical and Special system plants, Fire Safety and Energy Saving. We also assist our clients with Works Direction, Project Management, Maintenance Management, Testing and technical consultancy/ consulting. We are able to realize and follow the project in all of its stages, from the requirements’ analysis, through the design, to the final delivery. We always adopt the highest quality standards and the cutting - edge computer systems.


Studio Progettisti Associati has always worked with the ambition to become a leading designer of innovative technological systems and to be a constant reference in the development of new design concepts and technologically advanced solutions.

To this end, the company always devotes more energy and resources to the training and the constant updating of its employees. The goal is to strengthen and to enhance the fundamental skills and stabilize the position within the market.


Studio Progettisti Associati follows the standards prescribed by ISO 9001: 2008 norm for Quality Management System in all its processes, right from the contractual phase to the delivery of the finished project.

The Quality Management System following the ISO 9001: 2008 norm has the goal of ensuring the achievement of results that adequately meet the needs and the expectations of customers, in accordance with project requirements.

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Studio Progettisti Associati has a flexible and integrated organizational structure in which the General Management heads the various business and management units.

Thanks to the vast experience in the engineering plants management, the company sets up its organizations according to the current needs in the world of design and engineering, providing highly professional services that fully satisfied the specific requests of the clients.

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Technical Staff

Studio Progettisti Associati’s organization is based on Business Units which differ for the plant typology.

Every Business Unit has specific skills, characterized by well - defined functional roles. This organizational model provides maximum flexibility in meeting the requirements of each project, providing all the required skills for the specific projects.


Deals with the organization of the project, with the arrangement of its multidisciplinary verifications, with the compliance controls and with the solution of skill conflicts.


Provides sizing, positioning and calculation of works and plants of particular significance. He carries out verifications and corrections of the graphic, geometric and numeric aspects according to its specific area.


Provides sizing, positioning and calculation related to works and plants, it makes checking and corrections for the graphic, geometric, numeric aspects and regulations according to its technical area.


Provides the drafting of drawings, performing verification and correction for both graphics and geometric regulatory aspects.


Provides the preparation of calculations of the estimates, performing checking and correction for geometrical, numeric and normative aspects.

IT System


We use the support of advanced IT tools in the design work.

This has helped us to reach a total independence and to gain a substantial reduction of time. We can now focus more on the study of ideas and innovative solutions.

The design process employs an Integrated Application Platform, used to organize and keep under control all the project stages.