Activities - Studio Progettisti Associati


Professional Services

The global and interdisciplinary approach applied in every project from the early stages allows us to offer services targeted to the specific needs of individual orders.

Thanks to the skills of our internal resources and to the organization of dedicated teams, we are able to develop and coordinate important and complex projects.

The provided services cover the entire design process from the technical-economic consultancy, the preliminary and executive planning to the implementation of business management and related activities.

We assist our clients for all aspects related to renewable energies and ecological sustainability of construction interventions, delivering projects certified in Class A and LEED.


  • Planning studies
  • Market Surveys
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Economic, financial and temporal Studies
  • Research Studies and Project
  • Project Financing Studies
  • Risk Assessment Studies


  • Preliminary Planning
  • Definitive Planning
  • Executive Planning
  • Building Planning
  • Tender Documents
  • Prices Analysis, Metric Calculations, Estimates


  • Energy audit
  • Mapping, monitoring and energy consumption’s analysis
  • Solutions of energy efficiency
  • Thermal energy account
  • White certificates (TEE)
  • Financial Services
  • Asset management
  • Energy certifications
  • Certifications according to Casaclima, LEED, Green Building and CENED standards
  • Iso 50001 Certifications


  • Support on tenders
  • Projects Validation
  • Coordination of works and works contracts
  • Works Management and realization supervision
  • Works Accounting
  • Testing and start - up plants
  • Technical and administrative assistance
  • Project management
  • Technical dossier of the property
  • Management and operation
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Staff training


  • Expertise, estimates and evaluations
  • Technical and legal expertise
  • Technical and legal consultancy


  • Registration in the lists of the Ministry of Interior referred in the Law December 7th 1984, n. 818;
  • Qualification according to art. 98 of Legislative Decree 81/08 for safety both during the planning and the execution in temporary and mobile worksites;
  • Energy certification of buildings of the Emilia Romagna referred to DALgs n. 156/2008.